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Russian manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical equipment

Explosion-proof floodlight tower based on a multifaceted mast with a stationary crown, lightning rod, floodlights of the type VELAN23, VAT51 and cable transit box

The client
YAMGAZ SNC, South Tambey LNG, TechnipFMC
Description of the project:
VELAN fully, turnkey, completed all 3 production lines at Yamal LNG Plant, gas shipment terminal, gas storage tanks – lighting and distribution equipment (lighting fixtures , floodlights, junction boxes, control units ,plugs and sockets, cable glands ), as well as integratedsystems such as: floodlight mast height of 25 meters, more than 200 lighting poles with floodlights.:
Requirements of the equipment:
  • Wind region VII, the type of terrain A;
  • Icy area II;
  • Snow area V;
  • Absolute annual minimum -46°C;
  • Climate of the area 1V.
Integrated solution: VELAN23-PR, VAT51-PR on a mast with a lightning rod
Flood light VАТ51-PR (1ExdIIВT4/T3)
  • Floodlights VAT 51-PR work with ambient temperature range: -60°C to +55°C;
  • Degree of protection against external influences: IP65;
  • Nominal supply voltage: 220V AC +10%, 50Hz;
  • Nominal power: 400; 1000 W;
  • Power factor: cos φ 0.92.
Design features
  • The angle of rotation of the flood light is adjustable in the range of 360° horizontally, the angle of inclination from + 60° to -60° vertically;
  • High-strength glass with a high degree of transparency is additionally protected by a grid;
  • An elongated axis of the lamp, parabolic reflector provides a focused light beam.
VELAN 23-PR (2ExdeIIBT4(T3); 1ExdsIIBT4(T3)
  • Floodlights VELAN 23-PR work with ambient temperature range: -60°C to +40°C
  • Climatic version: UHL1, ОМ1
  • Degree of protection against external influences:IP65/IP67
  • Nominal supply voltage: 230V
  • Nominal power: from 70 to 1000W
  • Power factor: cos φ 0.95
  • Class of protection against electric. shock: I
Design features
  • Integrated stricture with ballast, convenient for maintenance;
  • Floodlights are vertically adjustable from +45° to -45°;
  • by customer request the flood light can be equipped with start control gear, or electronic start control gear only for metal halide lamps);
  • use of electronic start control gear allows instant restarting of hot sodium GAS-Discharge lamps, that allows to use the lighting fixture for emergency lighting;
  • Stable starting and operation at temperatures up to -60°C.
Multi-faceted lighting mast
  • Body material: sheet steel;
  • Thickness of steel: 6, 7, 8 mm;
  • Height: 25 meters;
  • The diameter of the inscribed circle at the base: 1220 mm;
  • The diameter of the inscribed circle in the upper section: 400 mm;
  • Wind installation area: from I to VII;
  • Steel grade: 09G2S;
  • Cover: hot zinc.
Design features
  • Structurally, the support consists of three sections: lower, middle and upper;
  • The presence of a stationary crown;
  • For maintenance of floodlights there is a service area with a diameter of 3M, a ladder for lifting to the service area. On the stairs there are two areas for recreation.
Lightning protector
  • Category III lightning protection;
  • Height: 3 meters.
Design features

Lightning rod intrinsically safe is designed to protect against direct lightning strikes of objects for various purposes, which in the course of its normal operation create explosive and fire-hazardous emissions in the protected volume.

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Combined explosion-proof alarm station is designed for quick installation of the equipment integrated designed for warning and alarm signaling in explosive hazardous areas and in coal and shale mining.
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