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Coupling for metal hose of MMRn type (with hexagonal nut)

Reliable metal hose fixing
Wide range of nominal diameters for connected metal hose: from 6 to 150
Availability of O-rings and corrosion resistant materials


Coupling is intended for metal hose connection.


  • For fastening, the metal hose is screwed on a sleeve with projection.
  • Height and screw raising of the projection corresponds to the pitch and inside diameter of the metal band from which metal hose is made.
  • Coupling sleeve ensures electric contact with metal hose.
  • Metal hose is sealed by a seal ring pressed with the cap nut.


Availability of silicon seals ensures connection waterproofing. All threaded parts are galvanized. The surface can be nickel- or chromium-plated. Large range of dimensions: 1/ 4 " – 6".

The possibility to manufacture with male (standard version) and female (special order) connection thread (female thread is indicated with letter “v”).

Coupling is screwed in pipe cable gland. Coupling thread shall match the thread of the pipe cable gland.

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