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Explosion-proof computers

Various types and standard dimensions of enclosures
Different monitor types, if necessary, with light sensor
Different types of system units
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
TR TS Explosion-proof computers


Explosionproof computers are used, where computer control for the process, processing of information from external sensors, access to computer network and databases within the areas with potentially explosive atmosphere are required.


  • Explosionproof computers allow solving the most complex tasks in the area of calculation and control of the process directly at the facility.
  • The reduced dissipated power and heat emission of central processor module provide reliable and failure-proof computer operation in the most severe operation conditions directly near process facility and in the most unfavorable industrial conditions, where equipment resistance to expanded thermal ranges, moisture, dust, hits and vibration is required. Such features as durability, mechanical strength and maintenance ease are successfully combined in the product. The body structure ensures quick access to functional blocks.
  • Licensed operation system is installed by special order.
  • Integrated color LCD display up to 18.5” by the special order shall be equipped with light sensor.


Inside explosionproof enclosure monitor is installed with light sensor, if necessary, system unit with power unit, terminal clamps. From the front of the enclosure indicator lamp, “Start” and “Reset” buttons are installed. Power cable, information cable, cable for explosionproof keyboard with touchscreen are connected through cable glands and Wi-Fi antenna shall be installed outside, if necessary

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