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Explosion-proof drive VELAN-CONNECT

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Explosion-proof drives VELAN-CONNECT (a set consisting of explosion-proof USB drive and USB cable that are Ex-components) are designed for storing, transferring, exchanging data, backing up, loading operating environments, etc. when working with explosion-proof computers, explosion-proof terminals and other compatible devices in explosion hazardous areas.


- Drives VELAN-CONNECT have a wide range of possible storage capacity: 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB.


Explosion-proof drive VALAN-CONNECT consists of an explosion-proof USB drive and an explosion-proof USB cable. The design of the drive provides:
a) at first, formation of explosion-proof shell of USB cable and USB drive, then connection of USB connectors;
b) at first, disconnection of USB connectors, then disassembly of shell on the USB cable and USB drive.

Explosion-proof USB drive consists of enclosure, flash drive installed inside this enclosure, nut and plug. The union nut fixed on the enclosure is designed for connecting the USB drive to the USB cable. The nut rotates freely but is secured from moving along the axis of the enclosure by locking ring. The plug with a seal is used to seal the USB drive under the conditions of splashes, precipitation and high level of dust when it is not connected to the USB cable. Enclosure seal provides for required degree of IP when connecting the USB drive to the USB cable. The USB drive has a recess in which the USB cable projection is fitted ensuring correct connection of the USB drive to the USB cable.
Explosion-proof USB cable consists of a fitting with installed in it connector (socket) of a USB extension cord and a plug. The fitting has a threaded part for fixing in the equipment. The plug seal and O-ring on the fitting provide the required degree of IP. The USB cable is equipped with a locknut ensuring the possibility of fixing the USB cable in equipment with a thin wall (for example, in shells with “e” explosion protection). The USB cable has a long projection which is engaged with the USB drive recess ensuring correct connection of the USB cable to the USB drive.

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