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Explosionproof electrical connectors SV-VELAN

Color marking being convenient during installation of several connectors
Ease and quickness of connection and disconnection
Reliability and durability
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Connectors are intended for quick connection and disconnection of cable network sections, various electrical devices, units and machines with each other and power supplies in ground stationary and portable electric units with voltage up to 690 V DC and AC with frequency up to 60 Hz.


  • Connectors have color marking which is convenient when installing several connections.


Structure of connectors ensures electrical interlocking. Electrical interlocking ensures the following:

- supply voltage to contacts only after full connection of socket with plug;

- disconnection of contacts only after de-energization of these contacts.

Connectors are switched on by putting the plug into the socket and turning it 45° clockwise. The plug can be removed from the socket only when the switch is in “OFF” position. The grounding contact and its socket are larger than other contacts and sockets. In order to distinguish connectors with different voltages plugs and sockets have color coding for connection nut.

The plugs consist of: body components with a contact block inside, a locking mechanism and two stopper plugs.

Sockets consist of: body components with a contact block inside, internal rotary switch, a cover with seal and holding screws, three stopper plugs.

Sockets are intended for fastening on a plane surface and have internal and external grounding bolts.

The laid cable are sealed by cable glands (to be ordered additionally). Depending on the number of contacts and nominal current in bodies of explosionproof connectors SV-VELAN, threaded entries are made for cable glands with the following thread:

- 2 entries М25х1.5 (16A socket, 3 and 4 contacts);

- 1 entry М25х1.5 (16А plug, 3 and 4 contacts);

- 2 entries М32 (16А socket, 5 contacts; 32А socket, 3–5 contacts);

- 1 entry М32 (16А plug, 5 contacts; 32А plug, 3–5 contacts).

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