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Explosionproof hand LED lamp of VRSF type

Several operating modes
Compact dimensions, small weight
Intellectual charger
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VRSF


Lamps can be widely used in the places, where there is no stationary lighting during repair and scheduled maintenance at the enterprises of oil refining, chemical and metallurgical industry, while oil-field exploration, as well as in other fire hazardous and explosion hazardous places according to the explosion protection marking.


  • Use of special materials allows ensuring high impact resistance, and special surface finishing ensures anti-static, water resistant and corrosion-resistant properties.
  • Intellectual integrated circuit for light switching control ensures several operation modes. Light switching in various modes shall be provided by button located on the covers from the lamp face.
  • LED light source is environmentally safe product and doesn’t require special measured on disposal.
  • Service life of LED achieves 100,000 hours.
  • The lamp has compact sizes and small weight and additionally completed with strip for protection from falling.
  • Intellectual charger ensures protection from recharging and short circuit.


The lamp consists of explosionproof body with 1 ExdIICT6 explosion protection marking. Storage battery, lamp control block, LED and reflector is integrated into the body. Lamp is on/off, as well as operation mode is chosen by button integrated into the lamp cover. On the same cover two sockets are located for charger connection.

From opposite LED and reflector are located. Impact-resistant glass or special optical polycarbonate is used as light transmitting element. Central part of the lamp is made to be relief to prevent it slipping out hands during operation. Moreover, the provision is made for the possibility to complete with strip. Lamp operates in three modes:

  • basic mode (maximum brightness);
  • energy saving mode;
  • flashing mode.

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