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Explosionproof head lighting fixture ELM05 (mining lamp)

Long-term operation from storage battery
Reliability of design and lighting fixture switching on
Microcontroller availability
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate


Miner's lamp of ELM05 type is intended for operation of miners in explosion hazardous environment according to the explosion protection marking.


The lighting fixture consists of two bodies (head and storage battery) connected with cable. In the head body there is LED with focusing reflector and electronic device with microcontroller ensuring lighting fixture control. In the storage battery body storage batteries are located. LED with power 1 W is used as light source. Average service life of LED is 100,000 h. Lighting fixture is switched on by special button not actuating from accidental touch.

Electronic device with microcontroller shall execute the following functions:

  • Automatic lighting switching off while battery charging.
  • For protection from storage battery deep discharge lighting is automatically switched off upon expiration of house for self-contained operation.
  • For lamp protection from damage lamp is automatically switched off while storage battery voltage reduction below 3.4 V or excess of 4.7 V.
  • LED signals about reduction of storage battery capacity up to 20 %.
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