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Explosionproof LED indicator IS

Bright light emission, accurate color rendition
7 variants of colors
9 values of voltages
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate


Light indicators are intended for integration into explosionproof equipment, for example, explosionproof push-button control stations, cabinets of ShUS type, etc. The products are developed based on LED switchboard lamps SKL18 and come in two basic versions:

      IS-d are intended for integration into explosionproof enclosures of explosionproof equipment of groups I and II (RV, IIA, IIB, IIC).

      IS-е are intended for integration into enclosures of equipment with increased reliability against explosion of group I and II (RP, IIA, IIB, IIC).


  • A large number of possible emission colors and nominal voltage provides universality in application for light indicators.
  • Simple design makes indicators extremely reliable equipment.


The light indicator consists of a body, a light filter and a locknut.

The body of the indicator is a non-demountable design consisting of a fitting, LED lamp SKL18 and two pairs of screw clamps ZVI filled with epoxy compound ED-20.

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