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Explosionproof LED lighting fixture VELAN 180

Nine fastening types for lighting fixtures
Possibility to manufacture with storage battery (for 20 W and 30 W)
Special version – II class of protection from electric shock
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VELAN 180


Lighting fixture is intended for lighting of warehouses, shops,rectifying columns, offloading stations and other explosion hazardous zones being hazardous by gas and dust.


  • LED fastening on pyramid ensures luminous flux spreading into all sides.
  • Use of LED light sources allows reducing expenses for maintenance. Service life of LEDs is about 100,000 h.
  • At similar light intensity LED light source consumes energy by ten times less than incandescent lamp.
  • For all powers of lighting fixture manufacturing with storage battery ensuring operation in the absence of voltage over 60 minutes is possible.
  • Cindal being resistant to corrosion with special coating ensures long service life of lighting fixture.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials with special coating ensure long service life.
  • Ten various fastening variants for lighting fixture allows its mounting almost on any surface and under any conditions.


Lighting fixture consists of body for electronic control gear, radiator frame and transparent dome fixed in holder. Bodies are made of aluminum alloy with powder coating. Dome is made of borosilicate glass with high strength. If lighting fixture is made with storage battery, the body for electronic control gear is made with two compartments. Inside the first compartment terminal clamps are installed, inside the second compartment LED driver, storage battery with heating and control and switching blocks are installed. Inside the radiator frame LED light sources are installed. Grounding bolts are installed inside and outside lighting fixture.
Lighting fixture has ten fastening types, that provides the possibility of its installation under any conditions and with any arrangement.

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