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Explosionproof lighting fixture for linear fluorescent or LED lamps VELAN51

Availability of reflector increases light efficiency and protect from dust deposition
Use of electronic start control gear
Use of fluorescent and LED lamps is possible
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VELAN51


Explosionproof lighting fixtures with the body from Cindal are intended for general lighting of explosion hazardous areas of all classes according to the explosion protection marking.


Use of electronic start control gear in lighting fixtures VELAN51 allows:

  • Obtaining service life increase for lamps reducing maintenance expanses.
  • Excluding lamp blinking when switching on lighting fixture (instaneous starting).
  • Ensuring high power factor cosφ≥0.95.
  • There is no need in additional installation of compensator.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials with special coating ensure long service life.
  • The possibility to install emergency control block with storage battery ensuring self-contained operation for lighting fixture up to 2 hours (only for lighting fixtures with 2 lamps (fluorescent and LED)) inside lighting fixture


Lighting fixture consists of aluminum body of cylindrical form with powder coating. Light transmitting element is made of shockproof borosilicate glass. Circuit engineering of lighting fixture with lamp and electronic start control gear are located in the body with “explosionproof enclosure” type of explosion protection. When ordering lighting fixture with storage battery storage battery and control block shall be additionally installed. Installation of two cable glands for transit laying of power cable. Lighting fixture grounding is ensured by internal and external grounding bolts.

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