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Explosionproof microswitches MPV-1

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Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan MPV-1


Instantaneous explosionproof microswitch of MPV-1 type is designed for remote control of electric drives of machines and mechanisms in stationary plants and on ground, sea vehicles, as well as for signaling associated with the specified electric drives or other electrical devices.


  • The microswitch can be used to control electromagnetic devices (relays, electromagnets, etc.) without loss of contact in low-power alternating current circuits with frequency of 50, 60 Hz and direct current circuits with nominal voltage of at least 12 V and nominal current of at least 0.05 A.


Microswitch MPV-1V2 consists of an insulating base and a cover connected with studs and filled with epoxy compound, and shall not be disassembled during operation. Microswitches have one NO and one NC contacts with a single circuit break.

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