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Explosionproof push-button stations PVK-1, 2, 3

Convenient arrangement of buttons
Strong and reliable design
Convenient cable connection
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan PVK -1, 2, 3
ТR ТS PVK -1, 2, 3
Maritime Register of Shipping PVK-1, 2, 3
Fire Safety Certificate PVK -1, 2, 3
ATEX PVK -1, 2, 3


The stations are intended for remote control of electric drives for machines and mechanisms in stationary plants and on ground, sea vehicles, where they are driven manually by operator, as well as for signaling associated with the specified electric drives or other electrical devices.
Stations are intended for operation:
- with РВ ExdI explosion protection marking in coal and shale minings being dust and gas hazardous;
- with 1Ex d e IIC T6 Gb/Ex tb IIICT80°C Db, 2ExedIICT6, 1ExdIIАТ6, 1ExdIIВТ6, 1ExdIIСТ6 explosion protection marking – within explosion hazardous industrial areas, vehicles and storage facilities for products of chemical, oil-refining, gas and other branches of industry.


  • Availability of integrated cable glands ensures connection ease.
  • “Stop” mushroom button has locking mechanism.


Explosionproof enclosure of PVK-1, 2, 3 stations is made of aluminum alloy and consists of the body and cover. Inside the enclosure one, two or three (accordingly for one-, two- or three-button stations) contact blocks ensuring electric circuit switching are installed on the cover.
Drive of “Stop” button is mushroom with self-locking (or without self-locking by special order), “Start” drive is cylindrical without self-locking. The main actuator of the stations are contact blocks. On default blocks have one normally open (1NO) and one normally closed (1NC) contacts. Terminal clamps of blocks allow connecting of two wires with cross section up to 2.5 mm2 each or one wire with cross section up to 4 mm2.
On default at PVK-1 stations one red “Stop” button with self-locking is installed, at PVK-2 stations one red “Stop” button with self-locking and one black “Start” button are installed, at PVK-3 stations one red “Stop” button with self-locking and two black “Start” buttons are installed.
The station has two incoming devices to ensure the possibility to lay flexible or armored cable with diameter from 8 mm to 14 mm. The control stations can be equipped with one or two glands of other types having explosion protection marking corresponding to level and type of station explosion protection by the Customer’s request with the possibility to lay cable with diameter up to 14 mm.
Weight of PVK-1 stations is 1.6 kg maximum, weight of PVK-2 stations is 1.8 kg maximum, weight of PVK-3 stations is 1.9 kg maximum.

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