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Explosionproof push-button stations PVK-A-VEL

Strong and reliable design
Cable connection and station mounting ease
Completeness with equipment individually by the Customer’s request
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan PVK-A-VEL
Maritime Register of Shipping PVK-A-VEL
Fire Safety Certificate PVK-A-VEL


The explosionproof push-button stations from modified aluminum alloy of PVK-A-VEL type are intended for remote control of electric drives for machines and mechanisms in stationary plants and on ground, sea vehicles, where they are driven manually by operator. Together with this stations can be used for signaling associated with the specified electric drives or other electrical devices and operating supervision for current load of connected current collectors.
Stations of PVK-A-VEL series allows controlling and monitoring of state for several devices simultaneously from one point. These products are recommended for use in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, where use of explosionproof equipment is required.
Explosionproof push-button stations of PVK-A-VEL type correspond to the requirements of GOST, GOST 30852.0, GOST 30852.1, “Electric Installation Code”, chapter 7.3, as well as a number of other regulatory documents.


  • Material: Cindal, modified zinc alloy, stainless steel.
  • Protection type: IP66.
  • The possibility to manufacture by electric circuits of the Customer for individual needs.


Enclosure of PVK station consists of body and cover. Cover is attached to the body with socket head screws. By the Customer’s request inside the enclosure button cells with contact blocks of BKV type ensuring switching of electric circuits; instruments; switches; light indicators are installed on the cover.
“Stop” button drive is made in mushroom form with self-locking. The main actuator of stations is a contact block. The block has one normally open (NO) and one normally closed (NC) contacts. Terminal clamps (4 pcs.) of the block allow connecting of two wires with cross section up to 4 mm each or one wire with cross section up to 2,5 mm. Cable glands are installed in the body. The body is attached by brackets with entries.

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