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Explosionproof rotary switches from aluminum and plastic ExGN

Large number of switching diagrams
Nominal operating current 12, 20, 25, 32, 40, 63 A
Various versions by explosion protection and body materials
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan ExGN
Maritime Register of Shipping ExGN


Rotary cam switches and explosionproof load switch of ExGN series are intended for remote control of electric drives for machines and mechanisms in stationary units and on ground and sea vehicles, as well as for signaling associated with the specified electric drives or other electrical devices; for underground workings of coal mines and pits being gas and dust hazardous.


  • The possibility to implement almost any switching diagram.
  • Serviceability at temperature up to -60 °С.


Switches ExGN with 1ExdeIICT6 Gb, Extb IIICT80°C Db, 2ExеdIICТ6 or RP ExdeI explosion protection marking belong to electrical equipment with increased reliability against explosion and consist of the body and cover, in which switch ExGN (Ех-component with nondemountable enclosure, consists of industrial switch, which number of contact elements is 4 maximum located in the capsule filled with compound and having ExdeIU/ExdeIICU explosion protection marking) is installed.

Switches ExGN with 1ExdIICT6 or PB ExdI explosion protection marking belong to explosionproof electrical equipment and consist of body and cover, in which switch ExGN (Ex-component) is installed. Switch is controlled through thru shaft having cylindrical flameproof connection with enclosure bushing.

Switches 1ЕхGN, РВ ЕхGN, 2ЕхGN, 21ЕхGN, RP ЕхGN have two cable glands VK25 located from B and D sides.

Switches can be equipped with glands of other types having explosion protection marking corresponding to level and type of switch explosion protection by the Customer’s request.

Rotary cam switches of ЕхGN series with 1ExdIICT6X marking are intended for pipe conduit without use of pipe cable glands with straight pipe connection with switch body, in which entries with G1¼ thread are made. “Х” sign in explosion protection marking indicates their special application conditions consisting in the following:
use of these products is possible at pipe conduit with wire filling with compound fulfilling all requirements indicated in the operating manual, as in flameproof body switch of industrial version is installed.

At other thread dimensions reducing couplings with ExeIIU/ExdIICU explosion protection marking are required.

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