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Lighting fixture VELAN 41-SD.L from stainless steel

LED service life is 100,000 h
Body from stainless steel
Possibility to install storage battery
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VELAN 41-SD.L.


Explosionproof lighting fixture of VELAN41 and VELAN41-AK series from stainless steel with LED lamp (with the possibility of operation from storage batteries) are intended for fixed installation at industrial enterprises being hazardous by explosive gas and dust according to the explosion protection marking.


  • The body of stainless steel allows using lighting fixtures in industries with specially aggressive environments. Stainless steel is one of the most chemically resistant materials.
  • Use of LED light sources allows reducing expenses for maintenance. Service life of LEDs is up to 100,000 h.
  • At similar light intensity LED light source consumes energy by ten times less than incandescent lamp that successfully characterize in terms of energy saving.
  • Reduction of power consumption allows minimizing expenses both for electric energy and cross section of laid cable, reducing materials consumption for supporting cable trays, etc.
  • The possibility to install emergency control block inside the lighting fixture with storage battery ensuring self-contained operation for lighting fixture at least 1h. Two overall dimensions of the body depending on power 25 W and 50 W.


Lighting fixture consists of the body made of stainless steel, which forms enclosure with “е” explosion protection type. Protective glass is thermal-resistant, extra strong with high light transmitting capability.
It withstand ingress of cold water jet on operating lighting fixture without loss of strength characteristics.
Inside the body explosionproof driver powering LEDs, terminal clamps for powering on are installed.
When ordering lighting fixture with storage battery storage battery and explosionproof control block shall be additionally installed. Grounding bolts are installed inside and outside lighting fixture.

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