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Lighting fixtures VELAN51-P from plastic

It can be completed both with fluorescent and LED lamps
Possibility to install storage battery inside lighting fixture
Power off when opening lighting fixture cover
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VELAN51-P


Explosionproof lighting fixtures (plastic) for fluorescent and LED lamps of VELAN51-P series are used for lighting of explosion hazardous areas, industrial and warehouse premises, as well as other places, where occurrence of explosive gas and dust is possible according to explosion protection marking.


  • Plastic body.
  • Body with “e” explosion protection, internal components of lighting fixture have additional explosion protection.
  • While cover opening deenergization takes place.
  • Class of protection from electric shock according to GOST II
  • When using LED lamps lighting fixture structure is simplified and lightened.


Lighting fixtures consist of plastic body of rectangular form. Depending on lighting fixture version the following is installed in the body: control block, start control block, terminal block, bulb holders G13, contact blocks, storage batteries and light sources (linear fluorescent lamps or explosionproof linear lamps VSDLL). Lighting fixture cover opens only by special key. In order to ensure protection degree for lighting fixtures from external influence on the lighting fixture cover the provision is made for sealing gasket located in special groove. Sealing gaskets is glued. Basic design feature of lighting fixture VELAN51-PAK from VELAN51-P is availability of storage battery allowing operation of lighting fixture in emergency mode. Two cable glands for transit laying of power cable are installed on the lighting fixture. Design of lighting fixture ensures powering off for all poles of bulb holder when opening lighting fixture cover, moreover, tripping device excludes the possibility of unintentional energization in case of accidental manual impact on it.

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