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Mining lighting fixtures VAD-Sh for incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent and LED lamps

Completing with various lamp types
Availability of interlocking ensuring deenergization till lighting fixture opening for lamp replacement
Transit lighting fixture connection ease
Certificate Type Product Description Certificate
Permits of the Republic of Kazakhstan VAD SH


Lighting fixture is used in places being gas hazard (mixtures containing methane), coal dust, in coal minings and other places according to explosion protection marking.


  • Incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent and stamp LED lamps are allowed to be installed.
  • Convenience in maintenance and quick replacement of lamps.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials with special coating ensure long service life of the product.


The lighting fixture body forms explosionproof enclosure with “d” explosion protection type.
In the lighting fixture there are two compartments: gland compartment for cable connection and compartment, in which interlocking assembly and lamp are located.
Interlocking ensures lamp disconnection from the network till lighting fixture opening for lamp replacement.
Availability of two cable glands ensures the possibility of transit lighting fixture connection.
Protective glass is thermal-resistant, extra strong with high light-transmission capability, fixed with aluminum ring and screwed into the body. Protective grating is used additionally for glass protection.
Grounding bolts are installed inside and outside lighting fixture.

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