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Condensate drainage device UD-VEL

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Condensate drainage device UD-VEL is intended for equipment which is sensitive to moisture condensation or collects moisture in normal operation modes.
Device UD-VEL performs the function of a drainage device when installed at the input in the lower part of equipment. It also ensures mixing of inside air with outside environment at normal ambient conditions, thereby preventing ingress of dust and moisture into the enclosure.


  • Designed for removal of liquid in devices accumulating the moisture.
  • Ensures air circulation in the equipment.
  • Ambient temperature up to +60 °C (plastic), up to +130 °C (metal).
  • Level of protection IK10 according to IEC 62262 (for devices made of nickel-plated brass and stainless steel) - withstand impact energy up to 20 J.


Drainage device UD-VEL has a filter for moisture concentration and its further evaporation into environment through entry in connection fitting.

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