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Projector lighting fixture VELAN-PROEKTOR

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Explosion-proof projector lighting fixture is designed for the projection of information signs or custom inscription on any indoor surfaces, where explosive gases or dust may occur, in accordance with the explosion protection marking.


- The projector focusing system allows to adjust the clarity of image at a distance of 1 to 10 meters.
- Optional — from 2 to 20 meters for lighting fixture with a power of 30 W.


Explosion-proof projector lighting fixture consists of an aluminum enclosure (other than mine version) or enclosure made of antifriction alloy based on zinc-tin-aluminum ZTA1 (mine version) with powder coating which forms explosion-proof shell with “d” explosion protection. The protective light transmitting element is made of borosilicate glass, extra strong, with high light transmitting capability integrated into the cover. Projector, power supply board and power cable terminals are installed on the mounting plate attached to the opposite cover of the enclosure with cable entry devices. Ground screws are installed inside and outside.

Optionally, heating board can be installed.

A universal swivel bracket is bolted to the enclosure allowing for both ceiling or wall installation of the projector lighting

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